Motivação em EaD | Motivation of Online Learners

Motivation of Online Learners

Online learning and teaching is the need of the time. It is crucial for the facilitators to keep in mind the factors which could motivate or demotivate the learner. Thus accordingly plan the course to make it successful and engage learners in a productive way. Through this literature it is emphasized that students active engagement , teachers role in the online learning environment, feedback and evaluation process, technological competencies are some of the important points which should be considered by educations to plan and implement an effective online learning experience for the learners.

Students’ Motivation for Learning in Virtual Learning Environments | A Motivação dos Estudantes Para Aprender em Ambientes Virtuais de Aprendizagem

Questions of the TLSM-VLE Scale Referent to the Dimensions of Autonomous Motivation, Controlled Motivation, and Demotivation

Students’ perceptions of teaching factors that demotivate their learning in lectures and laboratory-based skills practice

To prevent students from experiencing demotivation, teachers in the nursing faculty need to manage learning resources more effectively, create a quiet and focused atmosphere to allow students to concentrate, and be enthusiastic about teaching. They also need to add value to their classes, help students to follow lectures, and ensure that the workload they give their students is appropriate.