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International Energy Agency

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Energy efficiency stands at a crossroads today. Strong efficiency gains continued to be made in 2016, even as energy prices fell. But at the same time, governments are not coming up with new policies fast enough, relying on existing regulations instead, precisely at the time when a pipeline of new efficiency policies should be coming into force. There is a risk that efficiency gains could take a step back. - Energy Efficiency 2017

International Energy Agency

If you take a bale of hay and tie it to the tail of a mule and then strike a match and set the bale of hay on fire, and if you then compare the energy expended shortly thereafter by the mule with the energy expended by yourself in the striking of the match, you will understand the concept of amplification.

In The Chip War : The Battle for the World of Tomorrow (1989) by Fred Warshofsky, p. 21.