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A 14 de setembro de 1915 nasceu Jonh Lowry Dobson, co- fundador dos San Francisco Astronomers Sidewalk e conhecido pela criação / invenção de um telescópio barato e muito prático, o telescópio dobsoniano (telescópio refletor newtoniano).

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Physics Education at home: DIY activities for home learning

Physics Education
Physics Education at home: DIY activities for home learning
With many schools and colleges around the globe currently shut due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, here are some articles from the vast Physics Education archive, to help provide some inspiration for teachers and students alike.
These peer reviewed articles tend to be aimed at older school students but may be suitable for 14-16 year olds and in a few cases even younger students. Many of the activities could be simplified for younger age groups but the papers as they are would not be suitable.
Articles have been chosen that do not require specialist materials and so can be carried out at home. The focus has also been on articles that have an associated physics activity, such as an experiment, as teachers can often easily set book work or computer based work but activities for older students are more difficult to find.
Physics Education contains many more papers describing activities that can be done at home on computer or with a phone camera or sensors: