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International Energy Agency

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Energy efficiency stands at a crossroads today. Strong efficiency gains continued to be made in 2016, even as energy prices fell. But at the same time, governments are not coming up with new policies fast enough, relying on existing regulations instead, precisely at the time when a pipeline of new efficiency policies should be coming into force. There is a risk that efficiency gains could take a step back. - Energy Efficiency 2017

International Energy Agency

Paul Dirac

The strange world of Paul DiracDirac was a peculiar man. Stories of his eccentricities abound.When Dirac first visited Niels Bohr’s institute in Copenhagen, his utterances consisted almost entirely of three phrases: “Yes”, “No” and “I don’t mind”.Later, he became more flexible. When astrophysicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar expounded his views, Dirac repeatedly interjected with “Yes” but explained, “When I say ‘yes’, it does not mean that I agree; it means only that you should go on.”In 1929, Dirac sailed from America to Japan with Werner Heisenberg. During the trip, Heisenberg spent the evenings dancing while Dirac looked on, puzzled. Eventually Dirac asked his friend why he danced.Heisenberg replied: “Well, when there are nice girls it is a pleasure to dance.”After thinking for five minutes, Dirac said: “But how do you know beforehand that the girls are nice?”

Fonte: How Dirac predicted antimatter

Einstein e Eddington

29 de maio de 1919: Eddington liderou uma expedição, que se deslocou ao Príncipe (Roça Sundy) e ao Brasil (Sobral), para observar um eclipse total do Sol para comprovar experimentalmente o desvio dos raios luminosos previstos pela Teoria da Relatividade Geral de Einstein!

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