Repensar a Educação na Era Digital

Existirá, nas próximas 8 semanas, tempo para reflexão? Quais as soluções que realmente funcionam na transição digital? Quais as razões para desejar manter uma aparência de normalidade? Quando a expressão "ensino remoto de emergência" irá definir esta situação de quasi-ensino ensino à distância?

Rethinking Education In The Digital Age, Nera Kuljanic (2020)

Educators and trainers in Europe today frequently use digital tools, but it remains unclear whether they are sufficiently able to employ them in pedagogically meaningful ways. Furthermore, the vast majority of teachers do not, or only sporadically, participate in professional development focused on digital education. Teachers may, moreover, not be sufficiently prepared and/or not be offered the structural contexts for focusing their teaching more strongly on the soft and citizen skills that are urgently necessary in the digital age. At the same time, new teaching technologies could offer opportunities for personalising learning contexts, thereby improving student motivation and retention. When introducing corresponding teaching technologies, issues such as discrimination by algorithms and data protection will need to be discussed and solutions for them implemented.